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V10 is a natural crop protection agent based on cross-protection. Developed by Valto, it is used in the cultivation of tomatoes to combat pepino mosaic virus.

It works on the basis of cross-protection: by inoculating plants with closely related mild strains of the virus, the plant will exhibit fewer or no symptoms than if it were to be infected with an aggressive strain.

V10 is used to protect tomato plants against the negative effects of pepino mosaic virus.

The pepino mosaic virus does not cause the same symptoms in every tomato plant. This has to do with the variety, the age of the plant and the conditions under which the plant is growing.

In a young crop, the first symptoms are nettle-like heads and bubbling of the leaves; in addition, the plants often have a pale colour. Older leaves get yellow spots, and chlorosis may develop between the veins. Then a mosaic or larger chlorotic mottling will be visible on the leaves. Necrosis on the leaves and stems is also an important symptom.

Pepino mosaic virus is highly infectious and spreads via infected equipment such as carts, scissors and knives. When the sap from an infected plant is transferred to a non-infected plant, the non-infected plant is also at risk of becoming diseased.

V10 is a liquid product and is diluted on a 1:10 basis with water.

To ensure effective vaccination, each plant must be treated. Rub the agent onto one leaf on every stem, just below the head and at medium height. Damaging the leaf a little will enable the V10 to be absorbed by the plant, so that it can do its job effectively. Also have a look at our sampling protocol or the instructional video.

Plants should be treated with V10 as early as possible. The earlier a plant is treated, the lower the chance that it will be infected with an aggressive Pepino strain.

V10 is applied preventively. Plants vaccinated as soon as possible with mild strains will show fewer or no symptoms if they come into contact with an aggressive strain.

The dosage is 0.8 L V10 per ha.

In accordance with the protocol, the crop is inspected 4-5 weeks after inoculation by sampling. The results of the sample analyses indicate whether the crop is protected against aggressive PepMV.

The plant is protected from the symptoms of the aggressive virus about three weeks after treatment with V10, depending on the size of the plant.

Double protection offers growers more certainty than treatment with only one strain, because with only one strain there is still a realistic chance that the plants will be infected by one of the other strains.

Shelf life and stability

Store V10 in a cool place (4-10°C) in its original packaging.

V10 is stable for up to three days after receipt. See label for more information.

Once it has been prepared, the agent V10 must be used within a few hours. We therefore recommend always working with small amounts of V10.

Are you unsure whether a symptom points to a virus in your crop?

Please send us a photo. We are happy to assess it for you.

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