Effective vaccination methods

To ensure effective vaccination, each plant must be treated. Rub the agent onto one leaf on every stem, just below the head and at medium height. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Application method with scouring sponge: lightly rub the rough side of a scouring sponge dipped in V10 over the leaf while applying counter-pressure with your other hand. The scouring sponge will bruise the leaf.
  2. Application method with cotton gloves: dip your thumb and index finger in V10 and rub them over the leaf, damaging it slightly in the process.

Damaging the leaf a little will enable the V10 to be absorbed by the plant, so that it can do its job effectively.

V10 | Instruction video

This video demonstrates the different application methods.

V10 treatment strategy in weeks

After plants have been placed in the substrate, they can be treated with V10.

Watch the instruction video or check the sample protocol for the correct use of V10 and how to take samples. The results will be communicated to you by one of our specialists. It will then be clear if your plants are fully protected from PepMV.




Vaccination with V10


Sample collection


Results of the sample collection


Complete protection

'Several weeks after the treatment, the crop is inspected by random sampling.'

Experience and expertise

To ensure the vaccination is effective, it is important that the vaccine is administered correctly.

It goes without saying that you can count on Valto for clear instructions and for our extensive experience and expertise. Several weeks after the treatment, the crop is inspected by random sampling to determine that the entire crop is fully protected against aggressive PepMV.

The importance of hygiene

Good hygiene is very important. Work as cleanly as possible.

Before starting the vaccination process, put on virus-free clothing and plastic gloves, and do not put any materials on the floor. Instead, place them on a higher, clean surface. Use small amounts of V10 and prepare a new batch after any breaks, to ensure maximum effect. Proper hygiene must be observed after vaccination as well: the plants are not fully protected until after a few weeks.


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