In search of solutions

All the researchers at Valto have been pursuing their passion – protecting plants against viruses and other horticultural diseases – for many years. We build bridges on an international level between science on the one hand and growers on the other.

We are constantly developing, improving and testing new and existing products to treat a range of problems in the horticulture sector. For example, we have extensive experience with cross-protection, and we are looking into which crops could benefit even more from this method. The result? In the short term, we expect to enter the European approval process with a number of new products, so that we can help growers even better, both within the Netherlands and beyond.

What are researchers up to at Valto Biocontrol?

Our researcher, Antoine, would like to tell you more about our research into new products and what it’s like to work as a researcher at Valto Biocontrol.

Quality assurance

The quality assurance of our products is of vital importance to us. The product must keep meeting the quality standards, even under new conditions. We want to live up to the trust you have placed in us.

In a variety of ways, we do everything possible to ensure we can guarantee the quality of our products:

  • We control the entire production ourselves.
  • We inspect and test our products multiple times during the production process. Besides testing the production materials several times, we also take samples after inoculating plants with the product at the customer site.
  • The products are tested in our own trial greenhouse.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified (international quality management standard).

Working on the future together

We are a small company that thinks big. We are convinced that cooperation and knowledge-sharing are the keywords that lead to success. Do you want to contribute? Or do you have ideas for solutions to existing problems? Are you interested in what we are doing? We are always looking for partnerships with students, companies, research centres and laboratories.

Working on the future together

Are you a student and interested?

Think you have solutions to horticultural problems that match Valto's strategy and mission? Would you like to explore whether your ideas could be turned into solutions? Valto is looking for students who are bursting with ideas and have a passion for horticulture.

Are you a student and interested?

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