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The green solution to PepMV!

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We protect your plants by using natural products. We work together closely with scientists, researchers, laboratories and a range of businesses, growers and corporations. It is our shared ambition to continue to intensify our knowledge of crop protection and to make this as accessible as possible. Our best-known product is V10, which has now more than proven itself in the fight against pepino mosaic virus (PepMV).

In 2005 we found a revolutionary and completely natural remedy against the pepino mosaic virus, which until then was accountable for substantial losses in tomato production. V10 protects your tomato plants against virulent PepMV variants through cross-protection. The product was embraced by growers and is now being used to protect a large portion of tomato cultivation in the Netherlands and abroad.

'V10 has been used successfully against PepMV for many years.'

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