Symptoms Pepino Mosaic Virus

The Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV, also known as just Pepino) is a very changeable virus that is frequently encountered in tomato cultivation. There’s different strains like LP, EU, CH2 and US1. Particular types can cause violent symptoms, such as leaf or stem necrosis or fruit discoloration. Expression of symptoms may depend on environmental conditions, such as temperature and light intensity. Low environmental temperatures and low light intensity result in more severe damage.

V10: Protection against Pepino Mosaic Virus

Common symptoms are:
- Leaf blistering or bubbling
- Severe leaf mosaics (yellow or dark)
- Leaf distortion
- Brown streaks on stems
- Discolorations
- Nettle-like heads
- Marbling
- Blotchy ripening
- Fruit size reductions
- Flaming
- Cracking

The transmission of the virus will take place mainly when working with the tomato plants. Also infected materials, like clothing, scissors or knives can spread the virus.

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