Scope of applicationTomato (covered crops)
Type of scopeCrop treatment by rubbing-in, after planting
To combatPepino Mosaic Virus
Dose (agent) per application10% (1 L of the means per 10 L water). In combination with 15 grams carborundum per 1 L rub-in liquid
Maximum dose (agent) per application0,8 L/ha
Maximum amount of applications per cultivation cyclus1
Safety time in days14


V10 is a natural crop protection agent developed by Valto. It is being used to protect tomato cultivation from the Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV). V10 is composed of two mild variants of the Pepino Mosaic
Virus (VX1 and VC1) and works through twofold protection against the various symptoms of the virus. The product contains 10-50 mg/L virus.

Within only a few weeks of treatment with V10, the plants will be fully protected against PepMV EU, PepMV LP and PepMV CH2. V10 also suppresses PepMV US1 (CH1) symptoms. After the initial treatment, Valto will remain closely involved in the protection of your crop through regular inspection to ensure the effectiveness of V10 on your plants.
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