15 Years of Valto

We’re proud of where we are today! This is the perfect opportunity to open Valto’s doors. On this page we offer you a unique peek behind the scenes.

Take a look behind the scenes


15 Years of Valto

For 15 years we have been pursuing our passion: optimising the quality of vegetable crops. We love doing our bit to help protect crops and therefore ultimately people’s health.

Take a look behind the scenes

Before 2005

Valto is a family business. The passion for optimising the quality of vegetable crops is a significant part of the DNA in the Looije family. Several generations have been working on this for years.

2005 | Valto gets its start

Leo found a promising solution for the Pepino Mosaic Virus in 2005, and the first trials were started. Leo hired external parties to conduct research. He started a business and opened Valto’s first office.

2013 | First temporary approval

In 2013, the product was temporarily approved to move from the pilot phase to the practical phase. Many growers took advantage of this opportunity to protect their crop against the Pepino Mosaic Virus.

2014 | Thorben takes over from Leo

Thorben has a passion for entrepreneurship and horticulture. He believes in the solution his father came up with for the Pepino Mosaic Virus and sees a future in natural crop protection. For these reasons, he took over the role of Director from his father in 2014.

2018 | Outside the borders

In 2018 Valto entered into a partnership with Koppert Biological Systems to sell V10 internationally. Valto remains responsible for the sales and distribution of the V10 product in the Netherlands.

V10 is currently available in several countries, and Valto is expecting more approvals.

2018 | Approval of V10 in the Netherlands

From pilot to approval is a long process. The Netherlands is the first country in the world to officially approve V10 - thirteen years after the first trials.

2019 | Valto’s expansion

Valto’s success continues, and the company is expanding again. The number of employees doubled in 2019, and the company premises expanded with the purchase of a fourth property. That same year Valto reached a milestone of 11,111 hectares sold since starting the research.

2020 and the future | What’s next?

At Valto we are constantly on the go. Valto is the market leader in the Netherlands with its V10 product and has the ambition to offer the solution to the Pepino Mosaic Virus to many more countries.

Crops are also threatened by other viruses. Here, too, Valto is constantly looking for solutions.


All the researchers at Valto have been pursuing their passion – protecting plants against viruses and other horticultural diseases – for many years.

Our researcher, Antoine, would like to tell you more about our research on new products and what it’s like to work as a researcher at Valto.

The solution

The Pepino Mosaic Virus is without a doubt one of the biggest threats to the tomato industry. This video explains what the Pepino Mosaic Virus is and how it affects the plant.

V10 is the result of our passion for perfecting the quality of vegetable crops. We would like to show you how V10 fights the Pepino Mosaic Virus through cross-protection.

In this video, our researchers show you the effect V10 has on a crop. Young plants are treated with V10 and then compared with untreated plants for an entire cultivation period. The results are impressive!


Beyond the borders

We are going beyond the Dutch borders. It is our intention to partner with research stations all over the world. This will enable us to reach a higher level together and offer a greater variety of solutions.

V10 has proven itself not only in the Netherlands. There is great demand for the product abroad, as well. We are working with a distributor to be able to provide the solution to the Pepino Mosaic Virus there. We are proud of the approvals that have already been obtained!

Valto is actively working on a solution to a virus here.

Thank you

Thanks for checking out the anniversary page. This has allowed us to give you a closer look into our company. Curious about what else we’re up to? Then have a look at our brand-new website and find out more about topics such as the quality assurance of our products.

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Corporate culture

In constant motion

We are always on the go. Not just because it’s necessary, but because it’s possible. We’re always looking for ways to do things even better and working on new solutions. We not only look to science for this, but we also like to learn from clients and to discover new opportunities.

Young and ambitious

We have been in business for 15 years! A relatively young company. Proud of where we are now and what we’ve been able to achieve together.

Our ambition is ongoing. We know what’s happening in the market and what customers really need. We enjoy sharing ideas and hearing their input. With our knowledge and years of experience in horticulture, we can contribute to improving the quality of vegetable crops abroad, as well. That makes us happy!


What do we have in common as a team? We are passionate about getting the very best out of your vegetable crops. This drive is what brought us together. We are energised by finding new solutions, partnerships and satisfied customers. Our different disciplines, professionalism and passion make us a strong team.


Cooperation is very important to us. Sharing knowledge and experience strengthens us.

We are close to growers and science. Cooperation is also important to our team. Each team member is unique and has expertise in their particular field, but we have to work together to come up with solutions.

Humour and creativity

Laughter is healthy! So we encourage humour and creativity here, which shows itself in fun ideas such as a “Grilled Cheese Wednesday” each week. This allows everyone to express their creativity: from a grilled ham and cheese sandwich to a grilled Indonesian noodles sandwich complete with satay sauce. But everyone has a chance to show their creativity in their work, too. This leads to the best ideas, which is important in our field. We appreciate a good balance between work and fun. This reinforces the team spirit.