About Valto

Bridging the gap internationally

Valto is an innovative, Dutch family company dedicated to all aspects of natural crop protection. Our goal is to bridge the gap between growers all over the world on the one side and science on the other. This approach has enabled us to develop products that have proven to be highly effective. This has been confirmed not only by the many growers who use them; it has also been scientifically proven in independent tests and analyses performed on a regular basis.

What’s going on?

At Valto, we do not sit idle. Every year we make a substantial investment to serve the horticultural industry, both in the Netherlands and internationally, with new and innovative products. We are continually developing and testing new environmentally friendly products to successfully tackle the many problems in the horticultural industry. We expect to apply for European authorisation for a number of new crop protection agents in the near future.

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Working on the future together

We are a small company that thinks big. We are convinced of the fact that cooperation and sharing knowledge are the key ingredients in any recipe for success. Would you like to contribute or do you have ideas on how to find solutions to existing problems? Are you interested in what we do? We are always seeking for collaboration with students, the business community, research centres and laboratories.

Our strength

The world of crop protection agents is a complicated one. This applies equally to the procedure to be observed when marketing a new crop protection product. Valto knows this better than anybody and will be happy to guide you through the process with its expert advise, from testing and creating productfiles all the way to the final authorisation procedure and registration of your product.

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Our knowledge and expertise will help you keep any risk of diseases to a minimum, ensuring the best results possible.

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